Tell me more about Kaleidoscope Towels

Why should I buy a hammam towel instead of a normal towel?

Whilst there may be nothing wrong with beach towels or bath towels, hammam towels are incredible given their versatility! The cotton sourced on the Aegon coast that is used to make our towels has extra long fibres, which results in extra soft material that gets softer each time you wash it! Also, the lightweight nature of ours towels means they dry quickly and are ideal for travelling. We also love the colours and designs that allow you to express yourself.

How do I care for my towel properly?

  • Please see How to Wash to make sure you wash it appropriately.
  • Before using your towel, we recommend that you leave it overnight in some cold water before giving it a machine wash between 30*C and 40*C. After it’s been washed, let it airdry. This first wash trains the cotton fibres in the towel to be highly absorbent.
  • If you pull a thread by mistake, you can sort your towel by cutting the pulled loop and it will be as good as new.

Do you have any more styles, colours or collections?

We are super passionate about our current stock. However, we love collaboration and would love to hear your ideas regarding new products, designs and colours and we’ll see what we can do! Head to our contact page and get in touch.


What is your returns policy?

Whilst we hope your love your Kaleidoscope purchase, we do provide for returns if you’re not happy with your product. We will require you to ship back to us your product in its original condition and packaging and return it to us within 2 weeks of your purchase. Please also get in touch with us to explain why you’re not happy with your purchase. The more feedback we get the better.

How to wash my
Kaleidoscope Towel

Everything available from our store is made from 100% cotton. We suggest that you follow the following instructions when washing your awesome Kaleidoscope towel:

  • Wash all similar colors together
  • Wash at 40 degrees
  • A wool wash before hanging the towel up to dry works far better than a basic wash and a tumble dry. 
  • The more you wash your towel, the softer it will get. 
  • If you wish to make your towel stand out, a warm iron provides the ultimate touch to your daytime accessory.  
  • Care for your towel and it will last a lifetime.

Got a question?
No problem.

Simply contact us on one of our social media platforms or forward us an email and we will be happy to help you with any queries that you have.

Shipping and Delivery

How will I know when my order has been shipped?

After your purchase, we initiate the shipping process. When your item is shipped, a tracking link will be sent to you via email. Please ensure you type in the correct address so that there are no delivery issues.

How long after purchase can I expect delivery?

We ship your order within 48 hours of your purchase. We make use of XX for shipping and they usually take under 72 hours to arrive at your doorstep.

Do you ship internationally?

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Why do you charge a shipping fee for orders less than R500?

We really would love to offer free shipping on everything. However, it doesn’t make economic sense for us to ship individual towels. We therefore encourage you to buy more than 1 towel as this makes it more affordable for us to ship the goods to you at no cost to you.

Ordering and Payment

What is your privacy policy?

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will not be sharing your contact details with anyone. Unsolicited emails are not cool and we certainly don’t want to be a part of that. We’ll only use your details to send you information regarding promotions, new products and updates to our blog.

Is it safe to make a payment online?

Your payment details are 100% protected. All transactions are encrypted, and we don’t store any of your credit card details.

What payment types do you accept?

Visa and Mastercard.