Our Story

As frequenters of the beach, we couldn’t help but think about how to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Being on the beach in South Africa is about being able to express oneself, being able to soak up the sun as the waves gently hit the shore, and being able to enjoy the best this country has to offer. And so, when we came across these vibrant colored hammam towels from Turkey, we couldn’t help but bring them out to South Africa as the perfect accessory for our beach trips and more.

The hammam towels were so popular with our family and friends that we thought we may be onto something here. And so, we investigated the possibility of starting a business, and got in touch with suppliers across numerous locations in Turkey. We eventually found the perfect partner, located in the Aegean Region of Turkey that expertly produces our hammam towels using premium Turkish cotton.

The last part of this journey pinnacled around the development of our name, Kaleidoscope. We stumbled on this for ages, until a late evening run in Cape Town across the contour path beneath Table Mountain presented us with the answer. As we looked back onto the canvas of Lion’s head, we saw what one can only explain as a Kaleidoscope of colors as the sun set over the Atlantic seaboard. It was this from this picture that our logo was born.

Kaleidoscope is for the adventurer, for the beach goer, for the surfer and kite surfer, for the frequent picnic personnel, for the traveler and for the sunset gazer. Kaleidoscope is for the people that love what our beautiful country has to offer.